A Little Introduction

So here we go…

With the start of a new business adventure comes the start of a new blog.  I will admit that I have never blogged anything in my life before but I hear it’s good for spreading the word.

So let’s tell the world a little something about us…

Once upon a time, in a town not far away, a mutual friend innocently introduced a guy and a girl to one another.  Little did either the guy or girl know, but this moment would change both their lives forever.

Almost 3 years on and the guy and girl are still very happy.  They’ve even decided to take their relationship to the next level… starting a business together!  What a giant leap but the guy and the girl both know they can handle it.  Photography and videography is the name of the game, namely weddings and all the bit’s and bob’s that go along with it.

The business is still super-brand new and while both of us know what we’re doing behind the camera (the girl studied photography for 3 years and even has a diploma to prove it) we’re still finding our feet in business.  check back here in a couple of weeks time and you’ll see our first blog, it’ll be about an engagement shoot we’ve got coming up (the shoot is already planned, that’s how I know what the blog will be about.  The girl cannot see into the future even though that would be awesome!)

See you again soon
a Guy & a Girl

So you know who we are!

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