Vodka SHOTS Launch

To everyone who was there, what an eventful night…  We won the rugby (can I get a whoop whoop) and then there were festivities.

Brett, the owner of Old Balgowan is a very industrious man.  If an idea comes into his head rather than just leaving it there, like most of us, he does something about it.  Like when he decided he wanted to come up with a range of flavored vodka’s he went to his winery and developed something.  I hear you… Yes, having your own winery is a key element in developing your own flavored vodka range.

A couple of months ago Brett contacted us about doing some photographs at his launch parties, which are due to be held all over KZN (Hopefully soon the world and we will be his travelling photographers).  The first of these was held at One Stopthe local bar/club at Kings Park Rugby Stadium (home to The Sharks), this past weekend and what a night.  Elation all around due to our beloved Sharks finally winning a game and of course the lovely Vodka Shots on promotion.  With flavours like Bar-one and Peppermint Crisp Pudding (we’ve all thought it at some point whilst eating peppermint crisp.  Why doesn’t someone make this into a DRINK!), who can resist giving these shots a try?

For everyone who was there that night and wants to download photo’s that they can print, head along to our dedicated pages for all the Vodka Shots  launches where you’ll be able to look through all the photo’s from the evening and keep the ones that you heart most.

Chat soon

Denise & Rainer

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