Alexa Marie on Board

Chris and Sophie are having a baby.  A little girl.  Alexa Marie to be specific…


We’ve taken many photo’s of Chris and Sophie and I’m sure there will be more to come in the future.  Think of them as our photography guinea pigs…  Wait. Maybe don’t!  when Sophie contacted us about doing a maternity shoot, I wasn’t sure we should say yes.  Pregnant people…  Studio work… umm…


We said yes (of course we said yes) because 2012 is the year of challenges and stepping out of our comfort zone so it was the obvious choice to make.  And well, I don’t think we did half bad.



On 12 June the world will get to meet little Alexa and she’ll finally get to try on all the adorable clothes (and teensy tiny shoes) that she’s been collecting while in hibernation.  (Fashionista anybody?) and soon after her arrival we’ll be back with some newborn photo’s.



Here’s to June 12…

Denise & Rainer

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4 Comments on “Alexa Marie on Board

  1. What an amazing shoot very professionally done and wow what pictures of Love for Alexa to see one day keep on going Denise and Rainer

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! You guys did a stunning job! Alexa says thankyou to her Uncle Rainer and Aunty Denise!! :):) Keep it up guys your photos just keep getting better and better!! Xx

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