Something new.

On 12 June 2012 little Alexa Marie Pessenbacher entered the world.  She isn’t very big – the biggest thing about her is her name – and she doesn’t do very much, but she is a very special little lady.  She’s the first female born into the Pessenbacher family in 46 years.

On Sunday, at the very tender age of 5 days old, she visited us to have her photo taken.  While four of us bustled around her (with our whisper voices), she lay still not making a peep.  She might flinch when the shutter sounded but then she quickly drifted back to the land of winken, blinken and nod.  What a perfect model.

10 perfect little fingers and 10 perfect little toes – albeit teeny tiny – but present nonetheless.

And with Little Lexie throughout the shoot (because everyone needs a support system) was her little pink puppy, which is bigger than Lexie…

And because she was such a well-behaved model we ended up with so many photo’s that we can’t show them all here but we did manage to put together a matching collage of Alexa – this time outside the tummy – to be a pair to the collage from Sophie’s maternity shoot.

Welcome to the world little sprite.  It’s a better place with you in it.

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5 Comments on “Something new.

  1. That is so amazing guys, you did such a brilliant job and I love the words. And its the first female in my side of the family (Nortier) too for 46 years so you can imagine how thrilled we are to at last be able to get all things pink and frilly and girly! What an amazing miracle and a blessing she is to us all, a tiny perfect gift from God. Well done guys the pics of our cutie pie first grandchild are awesome!
    love you guys Ma E and Dad F xxxx

  2. Absolutely amazing! Your guys photos keep getting better and better! Of course having a gorgeous model helps hahaha :) Thanks guys xxx

  3. what a gorgeous beautiful handsome family and Alexa Marie is the sweetest ever. Thanks for sharing the photos. Love you all! G G Ma & G G Uncle Clive

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