Weddings on a Budget

We all know that getting ahead in life can be tricky.  Ask us, we know!  The tricky thing about starting something new, is getting people to take a chance on you.  We’ve now been delving into the world of engagement & wedding photography for a year now and things are just wonderful however they could be more wonderful (couldn’t everything?).  We’ve been shooting couple and engagement shoots and have some weddings booked for later in the year and people have been throwing compliments at us (throwing in a good way) for our family and maternity/baby shoots but what we really want to do is photograph weddings.  Weddings, weddings all day long!

So here is open honesty to anyone who wants to listen…  We WANT to photograph your wedding.  We know we may not have as much wedding experience as some other photographers and we know we don’t have as much to show but we’re incredibly able and unbelievably eager and just want to get out there!  So much so in fact that we’re prepared to give amazing deals to people willing to work with us.  Seriously, we’re talking such AMAZING DEALS you should be seated!

If you want to take us up on our offer (please say yes, we’ll love you forever!) pop us a mail and let’s get the ball rolling.  We’d ideally like your wedding to be coming up really soon simply because we’re so super excited to just get out there more but we’re aware that weddings take careful planning and a lot of effort so regardless of when your wedding is, we’d like to chat!

And finally, to all the entrants of ourwin huge” competition, we are so close to the closing date and we just can’t wait to go through all the entries together and pick a winner.  We’ve had such a fab response and if it were up to me, I’d probably give everyone free wedding photography.

Have a great week.  We so really look forward to hearing from you.

Denise & Rainer

3 Comments on “Weddings on a Budget

  1. Awesome idea guys :o) Hope to see lots of weddings on your blog soon!!!

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