Once upon a time, in a town not far away, a mutual friend innocently introduced a guy (Rainer) and a girl (Denise) to one another.  Little did either the guy or girl know, but this moment would change both their lives forever.

3 years on and the guy and girl are still very happy.  They’ve even decided to take their relationship to the next level… starting a business together!  What a giant leap but the guy and the girl both know they can handle it.  Photography is the name of the game, namely weddings and all the bit’s and bob’s that go along with it.

We believe in capturing the little moments on your big day, the bits that consume all your thoughts during the planning phase that sometimes go unnoticed.  We love the candid moments, just you being you and in your element.  Our style is very fly on the wall, we’re not the sort to stop the ceremony so we can retry something.  We follow your lead because the day is about you after all and we’re honoured that you chose us to capture it for you.

Based in Pietermaritzburg, KZN (SOUTH AFRICA) but able to travel the country (the world if you’ll let us!), we’d love to hear from you and have a chat about your wedding.


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