My complete lack of motivation…

I was going to blog about being motivated but you know what, it’s been a very long week and it’s only Wednesday (Tuesday morning I started preparing this post) which pretty much sums up my reason  excuse  reason for lack of motivation.  This week has been long for a number of reasons one of them being that the weather is cooling down in sunny South Africa and getting up in the mornings is becoming tough.  This means that my bed is continually winning the notorious battle between itself and the gym.  Not going to the gym means that I’m a bit sluggish which leads to a lack of motivation.  It’s all just one big circle of events (or lack thereof).

**Please note that this bed-gym battle is unrelated to the cold weather, however the chill in the air is partner in crime to the warm bed!

So why was I going to write about being motivated?  Well last week I discovered something which blew my mind, a documentary series on Yahoo Screen entitled The Failure Club.  The Failure club follows the lives of 7 very different individuals who are following their dreams.  We’re all afraid to fail, especially at something we may have wanted our entire life, so often we sit back and let the opportunity pass us by or we simply never stand up and try but now the failure club has stepped in to be each others support-group.  They’re a group of people who have reached the same point; the point where fear of failing isn’t a good enough reason to not try…

Our new business could be a candidate for Failure Club…  We haven’t started up before not because we don’t think we’re competent but because we’ve not been confident.  We’ve just been too afraid.  It’s a terrible thing going for your dream and seeing it slip away but we’ve reached the point that if we don’t try now, we may just not ever

So here is a list of things/people i’m ridding from my life (well at least trying too) in a bid to make our goal – we’re a team at a Guy & a Girl don’t forget – more attainable:

  1. Non-believers.  I’m done with people who always see the negative and can’t be bothered to see the opportunity!
  2. Competitors.  These are not the people who keep you on your toes but rather the ones always trying to one-up you because they’re insecure!
  3. Backstabbers. People who pretend to be on your team but really they’re just on their own.
  4. Thunder thieves. These are the people who can’t be happy for you even though you are always for them.
  5. Creativity “borrowers”.  Generally people who you freely offer up your knowledge to only to have them pass off your genius as their own.
  6. Negativity.  There’s so much of it out in the world already there’s no point in adding any more.
  7. Fauxtographers.  My equipment may not cost as much money or be as flashy as yours but I have passion and talent and the last time I checked, that wasn’t sold in a shop!
And Finally
    8.   Failure.  Not succeeding isn’t failure.  Not trying is!

Seriously the list could continue, in fact I think it may only grow.  Perhaps we should start a page on this blog about negative things/people to rid from our lives.  It can be like having a good cry – a great way to vent all the negative energy…  If you’ve got any great items to add to the list leave them in the comments.

If you couldn’t tell straight up, I’ve been having a bit of a tough time lately but Easter is right around the corner and we’re going away.  There’s nothing like a little break away from work and everyday life to help you clear away the doubt…  I’m hoping that Rainer gives the Easter Bunny new GPS co-ordinates so he can make a big plan and organise a new drop point for my loot!  Ooooh, and I hope they put together an awesome, yet not too complicated map.  Everybody loves a good treasure hunt!

And for all those of you who are big kids at heart, here’s some Easter fun (you know who you are)…

Go on, colour it in and put it on your fridge.  We both know that you smile every time you see it.

Have a great Easter everyone and be safe on the roads…

Denise (and Rainer by default)


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