Sean and Candice – The real thing

It has already been over a month since Sean & Candice were in our viewfinders on their special day, but the memories of that wedding will be imprinted in our minds for a very long time!

What had started out as a beautiful sunny day turned into a typical Midlands winter afternoon, mist and all. We got there a bit earlier than required so that we could photograph all the amazing decor that Candice had put together and laid out in perfect position. We loved her attention to detail, organisation and creativity, and so decided to get as many pics of it as we could!


ImageImageImageImageCandice obviously started getting ready way before Sean, so I decided to help Denise with a few of the photos that needed taking. This turned out to be so easy, due to Candice being so organised and making life so easy for us, that it wasn’t long before I was just getting in the way, and so went off to take the pics of Sean getting ready with his handsom little boy Lake.

The chapel at The Windmills, the venue in The natal Midlands, basically has glass walls, making it slightly more difficult to get great shots with the amount of light in the backround all the time. Denise and I enjoyed the challenge and managed to get some great shots of the ceremony.

Other than a little Lake not wanting to leave his parents side (the poor little guy didn’t want to be with anyone else), the ceremony was amazing, and Sean and Candice were now officially husband and wife.

Because the weather decided not to play ball on this very special day, our hopes for an outdoor bridal shoot were shattered. This didn’t stop us or our bridal couple from having lots of fun with all the mirrors in the different rooms at The Windmills!

Ok, I don’t want to go more overboard than I already have with all the photos, but I’m just so happy with how these have all come out!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Sean and Candice, who made our jobs so much easier by being the awesome people that they are! We wish you both all the best for your future together.

Aiden & Kirsty – Country Wedding.

Earlier in September was the wedding of Aiden & Kirsty and what a lovely country affair it was.  Set out in the gentile Kamberg, in the foothills of the KZN Drakensburg, Glengary was the perfect setting for this country wedding.  For days before the wedding, the skies had opened across South Africa and Rainer and I were worried that Aiden and Kirsty would have a very wet outdoor wedding service but for the first time I can ever recall, the weather came to the party and left us with the most amazing, clear view across the Drakensburg.

What a perfect setting (and day fortunately) to get hitched…  With the sun shining down on the beautiful couple and streaming through the reception venue windows, everything that had been carefully crafted and put in place, had a special glow to it.

Doesn’t Kirsty make the most beautiful country bride?  I just love the bright colours in her bouquet.And what a yummy cake…  I watched the cake decorator put the final touches on this and now have a whole new respect for people in this craft.And the lovely couple…and their incredibly adorable little son, Carter.Congratulations Aiden & Kirsty, may you have the most memorable marriage.

Denise & Rainer

Styled Bridal Shoot

Last weekend we packed up our camera equipment, studio lights, reflectors, diffusers… and headed out to our styled shoot.

Our lovely models arrived bright and early, ready for hair and make up and soon had their glam on…

Before showing you some of the pictures we’d just llike to say a big, fat thank you to everyone who contributed on this shoot.  None if it would have come together without all the effort you put in and we’re truly grateful.

Models:  Julie Richardson and Donna Gilbert

Hair: Thando and Roxanne from Sole Salons and Spa’s

Make up: (ME)

Bridal Dresses: Belle and Bravado on Taunton.

Devon & Emma

Emma was so keen to get photo’s taken of her and Devon.  Devon only did it because it was something Emma wanted to do…  How often is this the case?

On a chilly day in early June, we headed to Midmar Dam, situated in the beautiful KZN Midlands, with Devon & Emma to do their photo’s.  Talk about a chilled couple of people.  And talk about a beautiful time of year…  It’s Auutumn here is South Africa and all the colours have come out to celebrate making for the most exquisite backdrop to photographs.

Devon & Emma have been together for 4 years and this is a lovely way to celebrate romance…

To Devon and Emma, I hope you have many more years together.

Lots of love

Denise & Rainer

Dear Blog…

I can’t believe my last post (well Rainer’s really) was on 16 April.  Where has all the time flown?  My plea to 2012; don’t rush away like 2011 did.  This brings me to my most humble apology…

“Dear Blog

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything recently.  We’ve got so many exciting things on the go, which I can’t wait to tell you all about, that I just haven’t cleared space to include you.

Here is my resolution.  Today is a new day.  I will write a post (and finish it) and then after this weekend I will write another.  We have exciting things happening this weekend and I promise you’ll be the first to hear all about them!



So, let’s get busy with this post…

In February this year I was approached by  a lovely woman who asked me to give a talk on photography to all the marketing heads for the KZN private schools.   I was truly honoured to be asked; they don’t just ask anybody (I hope).

When I said yes to doing the talk, the first thought that crossed my mind was “it’s in April, that’s far away.  Sure I’ll do it!” but as the date crept closer I realised what a daunting task I had set myself!  Where I’ve previously given workshops on photography which we do over 2 or 3 days, I now had to explain the basics of photography in an hour and a half, to a group of people who may not be entirely interested in what I had to say!  Arrrgh, where do I start?  what important titbit’s of info should I impart?  Will everyone stare at me blankly (affirmative!)?  How do I decide what’s important and what’s not?  All these crazy thoughts started going through my brain and the more I thought about it the more stressed I became.

Then it happened…  The day arrived and I had to speak in public.  Now, I need to clear things up here.  When I host workshops I don’t get nervous and I don’t consider it speaking in public.  Why?  This is simple.  I have plenty of time to get information across and if someone doesn’t understand what I’m talking about I take them outside and beat them up with their camera and we run through what I’ve said using a practical example.  Another benefit to doing workshops is that we tend to stick to a smaller group so that we can pay individual attention to everyone who attends, which leads to a more relaxed environment.   Speaking to a group of 40 or so attendees (anything over 12 is large in my eyes) is not laid back and I’m not comfortable and I’m VERY out of my comfort zone.  I was so concerned about an information overload that I had even written in my notes to “check up and state that I bet everyone is really confused right about now”.  

My Buzz Lightyear impression

On arrival at the very prestigious Hilton College, where I was giving the talk, I went into the “room outside the main room” and readied myself.  Pulled out my laptop so it was ready to be connected to the screen…  I thought I was on top of things, all I needed to do was pop to the ladies.  Then came the news, they were ahead of schedule and could I start my talk NOW!.  Dum dum dum…  I stood in front of the group and attempted to pull myself together and started talking (and shaking) and then in that opening moment I thought, “wait, why am I worried?  I’m the one who know’s whats going on here.  There’s nothing to be stressed about.”.  Revelation!  From that point on no more shaking, no more stressing. Just plain sailing.

One thing I have discovered about public speaking (I really hope not speaking in general) is that I pull REALLY AWKWARD FACES!  Oh well, you can’t do it all…

“See, this is how you clap for me… Now you try.”

Chat next week


Moonlight Shenanigans – Winterton

There comes a time when you need to do something without relying on someone else to get it done. Although I did have the option of letting Denise write this, I decided it was time to see how good I can be at this whole blogging thing.

So, if you haven’t caught on yet, Its Rainer here! I thought that since we used my camera to take these photos at my mates place just outside of Winterton, KZN, I’ll be the one to blog about it!

Now I must get a few things straight before I continue telling this story… These photos could have been a LOT better, but due to the fact that we forgot to pack the tripod (my backside still hurts from kicking myself), we had to make do with what we had – a sort of ‘steady hand’, and a bakkie with the tail gate dropped!

So, here is how it happened. We went to my mate Dale’s place for a few days over the easter weekend. He has an awesome conference centre/lodge just outside of Winterton, so when we have the opportunity to travel out there for a few days, it’s a very welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city living!  The lodge is right on the Tugela River (which i unsuccessfully attempted to fly fish on), and is a really peaceful and all round relaxing place.

On the second night we were there, we saw that the moon was full and lighting up the whole area. When i mean lighting up the whole area, I mean that it looked like the sun was about to rise constantly! I could not miss this opportunity to take some photos of it, and this turned into a bit of fun, as you can see…

The moon was so bright, that i didn’t need a tripod at all to take shots of it directly, but having the tripod there would have made all the difference. The ‘starburst’ photo would have been a lot more focused too, but the fact that I stood holding the camera while the shutter remained open for about 5 seconds, I couldn’t really hope for anything better…

After I had taken a few shots of the moon from where we were staying, Dale suggested that we take an evening drive along one of the farm roads to get a better view of the surrounding country side while the moon was lighting everything up so nicely for us. But instead of getting the shots of the country side (due to the fact that the tripod was required for this, and this was sort of precisely the moment that i kicked myself), we decided to drop the tail gate of Dale’s bakkie, and have some fun!

Now, trying to get a camera into focus while being held up by items of clothing is not easy. But eventually we got it right and started taking shots of us jumping into the air, using the timed drive function. Trying to jump at the precise moment that the camera takes a shot is not easy at all, as we found out… Eventually we managed to get 2 or 3 of us in the air after attempting close to 50 shots, and eventually gave up due to the fact that we started getting incredibly tired!

All in all, we had a blast out there, and the next time we go, we’ll make sure to take the tripod with, and try time it to coincide with the full moon again! Watch this space!

I just want to add a small thank you to all who subscribe to and read these posts as well. We really appreciate the support.

Take it easy!

Rainer & Denise (by default, hehe…)


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