Weddings on a Budget

We all know that getting ahead in life can be tricky.  Ask us, we know!  The tricky thing about starting something new, is getting people to take a chance on you.  We’ve now been delving into the world of engagement & wedding photography for a year now and things are just wonderful however they could be more wonderful (couldn’t everything?).  We’ve been shooting couple and engagement shoots and have some weddings booked for later in the year and people have been throwing compliments at us (throwing in a good way) for our family and maternity/baby shoots but what we really want to do is photograph weddings.  Weddings, weddings all day long!

So here is open honesty to anyone who wants to listen…  We WANT to photograph your wedding.  We know we may not have as much wedding experience as some other photographers and we know we don’t have as much to show but we’re incredibly able and unbelievably eager and just want to get out there!  So much so in fact that we’re prepared to give amazing deals to people willing to work with us.  Seriously, we’re talking such AMAZING DEALS you should be seated!

If you want to take us up on our offer (please say yes, we’ll love you forever!) pop us a mail and let’s get the ball rolling.  We’d ideally like your wedding to be coming up really soon simply because we’re so super excited to just get out there more but we’re aware that weddings take careful planning and a lot of effort so regardless of when your wedding is, we’d like to chat!

And finally, to all the entrants of ourwin huge” competition, we are so close to the closing date and we just can’t wait to go through all the entries together and pick a winner.  We’ve had such a fab response and if it were up to me, I’d probably give everyone free wedding photography.

Have a great week.  We so really look forward to hearing from you.

Denise & Rainer

Moonlight Shenanigans – Winterton

There comes a time when you need to do something without relying on someone else to get it done. Although I did have the option of letting Denise write this, I decided it was time to see how good I can be at this whole blogging thing.

So, if you haven’t caught on yet, Its Rainer here! I thought that since we used my camera to take these photos at my mates place just outside of Winterton, KZN, I’ll be the one to blog about it!

Now I must get a few things straight before I continue telling this story… These photos could have been a LOT better, but due to the fact that we forgot to pack the tripod (my backside still hurts from kicking myself), we had to make do with what we had – a sort of ‘steady hand’, and a bakkie with the tail gate dropped!

So, here is how it happened. We went to my mate Dale’s place for a few days over the easter weekend. He has an awesome conference centre/lodge just outside of Winterton, so when we have the opportunity to travel out there for a few days, it’s a very welcome break from the hustle and bustle of city living!  The lodge is right on the Tugela River (which i unsuccessfully attempted to fly fish on), and is a really peaceful and all round relaxing place.

On the second night we were there, we saw that the moon was full and lighting up the whole area. When i mean lighting up the whole area, I mean that it looked like the sun was about to rise constantly! I could not miss this opportunity to take some photos of it, and this turned into a bit of fun, as you can see…

The moon was so bright, that i didn’t need a tripod at all to take shots of it directly, but having the tripod there would have made all the difference. The ‘starburst’ photo would have been a lot more focused too, but the fact that I stood holding the camera while the shutter remained open for about 5 seconds, I couldn’t really hope for anything better…

After I had taken a few shots of the moon from where we were staying, Dale suggested that we take an evening drive along one of the farm roads to get a better view of the surrounding country side while the moon was lighting everything up so nicely for us. But instead of getting the shots of the country side (due to the fact that the tripod was required for this, and this was sort of precisely the moment that i kicked myself), we decided to drop the tail gate of Dale’s bakkie, and have some fun!

Now, trying to get a camera into focus while being held up by items of clothing is not easy. But eventually we got it right and started taking shots of us jumping into the air, using the timed drive function. Trying to jump at the precise moment that the camera takes a shot is not easy at all, as we found out… Eventually we managed to get 2 or 3 of us in the air after attempting close to 50 shots, and eventually gave up due to the fact that we started getting incredibly tired!

All in all, we had a blast out there, and the next time we go, we’ll make sure to take the tripod with, and try time it to coincide with the full moon again! Watch this space!

I just want to add a small thank you to all who subscribe to and read these posts as well. We really appreciate the support.

Take it easy!

Rainer & Denise (by default, hehe…)


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