Something new.

On 12 June 2012 little Alexa Marie Pessenbacher entered the world.  She isn’t very big – the biggest thing about her is her name – and she doesn’t do very much, but she is a very special little lady.  She’s the first female born into the Pessenbacher family in 46 years.

On Sunday, at the very tender age of 5 days old, she visited us to have her photo taken.  While four of us bustled around her (with our whisper voices), she lay still not making a peep.  She might flinch when the shutter sounded but then she quickly drifted back to the land of winken, blinken and nod.  What a perfect model.

10 perfect little fingers and 10 perfect little toes – albeit teeny tiny – but present nonetheless.

And with Little Lexie throughout the shoot (because everyone needs a support system) was her little pink puppy, which is bigger than Lexie…

And because she was such a well-behaved model we ended up with so many photo’s that we can’t show them all here but we did manage to put together a matching collage of Alexa – this time outside the tummy – to be a pair to the collage from Sophie’s maternity shoot.

Welcome to the world little sprite.  It’s a better place with you in it.


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