La Lucia Mall Bridal Fair

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It’s about time we tried this…  We’d heard mixed opinions about bridal fairs, some people adore them and for others, they just don’t work.  But you can’t base your business decisions on other people’s opinions so Rainer and I decided we had to try the Bridal Fair scene for ourselves.

When we were approached about exhibiting at the La Lucia Bridal Fair we knew we had to do it, we’d heard so many positive reviews about the previous fairs held there but this meant undertaking the challenge of setting up a stand displaying our work!  Something we’d never done before…  I always knew that a lot of effort was involved in these things but I never could have imagined just how much is required.  After designing the PERFECT stand in my head (this is a super crazy place where loads is happening all the time), I looked at the mall floor plan and realised the stand just wouldn’t work at all!  Argh, back to the drawing board!  After a restless night and some creative thinking I had a simple but effective stand planned. And only 2 days to pull everything together!


It may not look like much but getting suitable posters made and figuring out how to display them in 2 days isn’t super straight forward.  And then there’s determining how many flyers and business cards and price lists etc we needed to get printed…

20130209_095750We had such a fabulous time at La Lucia and WILL SO DEFINITELY go back again next year.  In fact, even though I was exhausted by Sunday evening (and had a little cold), I was a bit disappointed not to be able to do it all again on Monday.

To everyone we me over the weekend, the brides, the bridesmaids, the grooms and the parents and sisters doing research for family members around the country or overseas, we loved meeting each and every one of you and look forward to working with you in the future.

composite 1 copyHave a fantastic week

Denise & Rainer

Chris & Sophie – Sunny Celebration

We’ve shown many photo’s of Chris and Sophie in the past year, but none quite as special as these – their wedding photo’s.

First there was their engagement shoot, which is usually the shoot directly prior to the wedding however in this case little Lexie decided it was her time and rather than photographing Chris and Sophie walking down the isle, we were taking pictures of baby bumps and newborns

But after much waiting, it was finally time and Chris and Sophie tied the knot amongst their closest family and friends.

The big and little – for Sophie and Lexie.

The beautiful pink protea’s were the theme of the day and they decorated the tables with a bright pop of colour – and of course they had to be found in the brides bouquet.

Thanks to Kendall for showing me the gorgeous chandelier in the main entrance (that I had completely missed).  I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect place to hang the dress.

And a HUGE thank you to Chris’s mom, Elana for baking and decorating the wedding cake.  Not bad for a first timer…

You may recognize a familiar face in the pack – that of course of the Guy who was one of the groomsman on his little brother’s big day.

Congratulations Chris and Sophie – and of course little Alexa.  What a wonderful celebration to make your happy little family whole…

Gearing up for 2013

Can you believe it’s already that time of year when the Christmas decorations are gently easing their way into the shops and the turkey’s are filling the freezers at the local grocery store?  Would it be cliched of me to ask, where has 2012 gone?  Am I the only person who clearly remembers last Christmas like it was yesterday?

All this being said, I’m pretty sure I wrote a similar blog post to this one last year.  Apparently the end of year catches me off-guard every year and rather than simply sitting back and saying, “well even though it’s sudden, I should have seen it coming” instead I write a blog post announcing my shock at the upcoming new year and the fact that my long list of things to accomplish in 2012 (a few of them carried over from 2011), is still no where near finished!

So with the end of 2012 in the near distance this girl and her guy have got a jump start on 2013 and we have already updated our price list.  We don’t want to be caught off guard (I’m sure there will be so many other things that will do this) and we always like our brides and grooms to be prepared.


If you’re interested in our services, and what we offer head over to our PACKAGES page and fill in the form.  We would love to hear from you.

And because we can, here’s a little sneak peak at Chris and Sophie’s wedding…

Have a fabulous Friday y’all and to our friends Liz and Elton, who are getting married this weekend, may we have the most awesomest of times and may your lives together be filled with incredible memories and “Bear” hugs.

Lot’s of love,

Denise and Rainer

Sean and Candice – The real thing

It has already been over a month since Sean & Candice were in our viewfinders on their special day, but the memories of that wedding will be imprinted in our minds for a very long time!

What had started out as a beautiful sunny day turned into a typical Midlands winter afternoon, mist and all. We got there a bit earlier than required so that we could photograph all the amazing decor that Candice had put together and laid out in perfect position. We loved her attention to detail, organisation and creativity, and so decided to get as many pics of it as we could!


ImageImageImageImageCandice obviously started getting ready way before Sean, so I decided to help Denise with a few of the photos that needed taking. This turned out to be so easy, due to Candice being so organised and making life so easy for us, that it wasn’t long before I was just getting in the way, and so went off to take the pics of Sean getting ready with his handsom little boy Lake.

The chapel at The Windmills, the venue in The natal Midlands, basically has glass walls, making it slightly more difficult to get great shots with the amount of light in the backround all the time. Denise and I enjoyed the challenge and managed to get some great shots of the ceremony.

Other than a little Lake not wanting to leave his parents side (the poor little guy didn’t want to be with anyone else), the ceremony was amazing, and Sean and Candice were now officially husband and wife.

Because the weather decided not to play ball on this very special day, our hopes for an outdoor bridal shoot were shattered. This didn’t stop us or our bridal couple from having lots of fun with all the mirrors in the different rooms at The Windmills!

Ok, I don’t want to go more overboard than I already have with all the photos, but I’m just so happy with how these have all come out!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Sean and Candice, who made our jobs so much easier by being the awesome people that they are! We wish you both all the best for your future together.

Aiden & Kirsty – Country Wedding.

Earlier in September was the wedding of Aiden & Kirsty and what a lovely country affair it was.  Set out in the gentile Kamberg, in the foothills of the KZN Drakensburg, Glengary was the perfect setting for this country wedding.  For days before the wedding, the skies had opened across South Africa and Rainer and I were worried that Aiden and Kirsty would have a very wet outdoor wedding service but for the first time I can ever recall, the weather came to the party and left us with the most amazing, clear view across the Drakensburg.

What a perfect setting (and day fortunately) to get hitched…  With the sun shining down on the beautiful couple and streaming through the reception venue windows, everything that had been carefully crafted and put in place, had a special glow to it.

Doesn’t Kirsty make the most beautiful country bride?  I just love the bright colours in her bouquet.And what a yummy cake…  I watched the cake decorator put the final touches on this and now have a whole new respect for people in this craft.And the lovely couple…and their incredibly adorable little son, Carter.Congratulations Aiden & Kirsty, may you have the most memorable marriage.

Denise & Rainer

Styled Bridal Shoot

Last weekend we packed up our camera equipment, studio lights, reflectors, diffusers… and headed out to our styled shoot.

Our lovely models arrived bright and early, ready for hair and make up and soon had their glam on…

Before showing you some of the pictures we’d just llike to say a big, fat thank you to everyone who contributed on this shoot.  None if it would have come together without all the effort you put in and we’re truly grateful.

Models:  Julie Richardson and Donna Gilbert

Hair: Thando and Roxanne from Sole Salons and Spa’s

Make up: (ME)

Bridal Dresses: Belle and Bravado on Taunton.


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